The Cocoon Experience – Teaser Evening

19:00 - 22:30

Schinkestr. 9
12047 Berlin

The new is already there. The old is just making a lot of noise while dying.Eckhart Tolle

Our world is undergoing a paradigm shift – the shift from one to the next narrative that we tell ourselves about who we are and why we are here. Our so long seemingly stable consensus reality is shaking and with it the certainty of how we’ll move on from here.

How do you experience this shift in your life? Where are your personal and professional challenges? Where do you see the light of the new appear already? What if your personal story is not quite as personal as we believe? What if we represent an important intelligence of a larger wholeness with it? What if specifically your voice is essential to navigate us through the surrounding challenges?

And what are the safe spaces where we can share precisely these experiences and our individual stories so that a collective alignment and shared narrative, a larger picture can emerge and be embodied already here and now?

„The Cocoon Experience“ is such a space.
We invite courageous pioneers and innovators to meet and open up as allies on this path.

It is time to expand our impact, care and responsibility for this world and to take more leadership for what we carry as plants in our hearts already. In our companies, organizations, families, politics and all other arenas of life.

This is an invitation to strengthen each others back, to open up to the uncertain, to show ourselves vulnerably and to experience our strength.

„The Cocoon Experience“ is a free community event to connect people. Together we create a deep experience of the power of connection, personal reflection, inspiration and mutual reminders of who we are and why we are here.

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We are excited to create a vibrant evening with you!

for the Leadership³-Team


Cocoon is a vibrant, curated and intimate community of courageous innovators and pioneers: People who actively engage in a process of a fundamental personal transformation that touches every area of their lives.

Requirement for participation is your commitment to move towards the shift actively rather than resisting it. Over the course of three months you’ll be guided in an intensive group coaching program.

The intention is to become an integral transformation catalyst in your respective field of activity (companies, education, politics, arts, NGOs, …). The protective Cocoon of the group provides safety to show yourself fully in your own vulnerability and strength. This then builds the resources within you to create the new in your context like never before.

A step towards deeper authenticity, connection with you and others, towards stronger alignment with your life and purpose.

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For more than seven years Leadership³ has been supporting individuals and organizations to activate collective leadership in order to create better solutions for a rapidly changing world. We support personal and professional development of individuals and teams. Our core intention is to activate a culture of trust and appreciation and life-serving organizational structures. We live what we share and experiment with new models of leadership in our own organization.

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