Developing competencies for collective leadership


Our main expertise is transformational culture change process facilitation to increase innovation and impact. We work without predefined results. We live this culture and invite our clients to join us and become part of that culture. This understanding results from the shared desire to walk the path towards a new leadership and organizational culture together.

Leadership Development

We design inhouse training programs and Academies for leaders based on individual requirements.

Organizational Development

We support organizations in their challenges on the way towards self-organizing teams and collectively lead organizations. As experienced facilitators we guide you through your transformation processes. Fields of expertise range from various participatory meeting and organizational designs, team building for personal or interpersonal dynamics or general open ended processes.

Keynotes/ Workshops/Conference Design

We offer keynotes and workshops on topics like leadership in the 21st century, collective leadership or integral organizational development (teal organizations). We also offer support in creating content and process designs for large group formats and conferences.



We offer individual support for leaders and employees to support them in their challenges. In some cases we also offer coaching in the area of sales.

We look forward to hearing from you:

Wir halten Vorträge und Workshops zu den Themen Führung im 21. Jahrhundert, kollektive Führung und integrale Organisationsentwicklung (teal organisations). Wir übernehmen gerne auch die inhaltliche Ausgestaltung von Großgruppenformaten und Konferenzen.

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