Are you ready to step on stage and show yourself to the world with all of who you are? Your power, your passion, your excitement, your love and also with your sadness, anger and fear?

We are thrilled to go on a journey with a powerful group of courageous individuals for three months. The group is curated and personally selected to guarantee that you are surrounded with people who are equally committed and impactful as you are – individuals who inspire to grow beyond and to generate synergies together.

Let us know about your calling and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible for a personal interview!

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    1.200€ for private persons and small business owners/freelancers (< 17.500€ revenue / year)1.800€ for entrepreneurs, companies

    What is your vision? If we'd talk again in a year, what do you tell me about the life you have created?

    What is your motivation to join Cocoon?

    What is your superpower - your unique gift and contribution to the group?

    What is holding you back and how can this space support you?

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