About us

Leadership is action not position

Activating Collective Leadership

Leadership³ is a self-organized network. For more than seven years we have been supporting individuals and organizations in the field of collective leadership. We facilitate the personal and professional development of individuals and teams. Our main purpose is to create organizational cultures and organic structures based on trust and respect. We live what we share and experiment with new leadership models within our own organization.

Leadership is action not position


We need new models of leadership to meet the challenges of our world appropriately. Taking leadership for your own life, for a team or society is independent from formal position or age. Our community is colorful.

Self-organization for agile teams


Together we can create more impact. We love our self-responsible freedom. We support self-organizing teams and evolutionary organizations that are guided by meaning. We want to show up as whole humans and have an impact at the same time. We experiment with various participatory meeting and organizational designs to lead projects more intelligently.

Competencies and culture for a new way of leadership


To harness the full potential of an individual, a team, an organization or society we need an appropriate culture and competencies. To generate innovative solutions and a sustainable impact we need amongst others the competency to lead transformational processes, the competency to create space for a higher collective intelligence and to allow for a deeper humanity and level of community. We create a learning field and culture for these competencies.

Leadership³ – Three perspectives on leadership for the future


With our work we integrate three levels of leadership: Me, You and We.

The levels relate to self-leadership (Me), team leadership (You) and responsibility for global issues (We). Only by taking self-leadership I can show leadership for others and only then can we truly meet the challenges that we face globally.

Our Practices

Room for energy...Wisdom...Responsible freedom...Mission...Valuing diversity…Dynamic decisions…
… instead of time pressure

We are aware of our own needs and those of others. We adapt to the rhythm of the situation. We leave space and follow the energy, not the clock. We follow the agenda and goal only if it makes sense. Our priority is organic and healthy growth.

… instead of ego

We give priority to the cause, not to our ego desires or need for recognition. What part of our ego can we leave aside so that we only communicate the core of our message and we work together more intelligently?

… instead of rigid rules

We follow our individual truth and enjoy our freedom. We are responsible towards others and the whole. We support the individual freedom and the wholeness of others and don’t judge them.

… instead of distraction

We explore individual paths together. We support everyone to fallow his or her passion and reach their full potential. We serve our mission. We support each other not to get lost in the distractions of everyday life.

… instead of suppressing it

We respect each other and value the differences. Some differences result in potentials which we support and harness to create spaces for development and innovation.

… instead of paralysis

We strive for pragmatic solutions. Decisions are taken as long as nobody present has a reasoned objection. Not all participants need to be present for all decisions. Also individuals can take decisions autonomously as long as they are in favor of the greater good. We trust our fellow men. Every decision can be revised anytime.



Beyond that many other people contribute as part of the core teams or co-creators within the projects of our association.


We are grateful for a growing network of friends and supporters.
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