28.04.-02.05.2020, Berlin

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The shift from an ego-system to an eco-system economy requires a global movement that needs to be supported by a new leadership school. That school should create collaborative platforms across sectors, systems, and generations and work through integrating science, art, and the practice of profound, awareness-based change.Otto Scharmer

This years Leadership³-Festival is themed
“Creating impact in a complex world – personally and professionally”.

Together we want to explore amongst others the following questions regarding a transformed working culture:

  • How can new work practices and collective leadership support us in our personal impact?
  • How can we create agile organizations and projects to respond to the challenges of our times?
  • What does your life and work look like in a world of collective leadership and new work?
  • How would you create an agile organization if you were suddenly CEO of a company?

During four days we will explore, learn and celebrate together by experimenting a new leadership culture based on transparency, connection, awareness and trust. We are the experiment of a new working and leadership culture ourselves so that we can carry the experience in our individual contexts.



The world is getting increasingly complex. To respond to this complexity adequately leadership and corporate culture needs to change. This change requires individual and collective competencies. This is what we explore and share at the Leadership³-Festival.

  1. Impact: You and the impact you can have on your environment are at the center of the festival. During the festival we explore together where our acupuncture points are that have the greatest potential for change.
  2. Dealing with Complexity: We need individuals and organizations who can be pragmatic and create an impact in a complex and global society. How can I create an impact without wasting resources or get lost in information overflow?
  3. Transformation: For a new leadership culture to emerge we need precise knowledge about cultural transformation processes and new practices. How do you deal with limitations, challenges and potentials in the process of change?


The festival of perspectives is a shared research field for individual and collective challenges. During the festival we learn based on our shared collective intelligence to find new and creative solutions. Every exploration of societal and collective issues on is as much a personal learning and transformation journey. Therefore we ask every participant to commit to a personal learning and transformation journey during the four days

For friends, by friends …

… and those who can become friends.
As defined by collective leadership, we create the festival together even though we as Leadership³ put out the invitation. Roles can be adapted dynamically and the atmosphere can be compared to a meeting amongst friends.

Our understanding of leadership in a new culture

Our understanding of leadership is not limited to positions and titles in business or other organizations but extends beyond. Leadership to us is a lived responsibility for your own life (Me), for your relationships and how you treat each other (You) as well as the global context (We).

We need to include the intelligence of all participants to live collective leadership. Therefore each participant can co-create the festival actively. To follow your freedom and self-responsibility is more important than following a rigid agenda. You are all the time partly responsible for your and the group’s learning experience. Our basis for collective learning is personal connection and appreciation. We dive into the field of collective leadership and create optimal conditions to have a collective impact – even before the festival, during the festival and afterwards. Collective leadership can unfold a power that has a larger social impact. That’s why we want to understand the conditions and success factors of collective leadership (practically) and how to utilize them for the (life)project of each participant.



And while we explore the issues that are relevant to us personally as well as for society, there is an agenda in the background: “Me-You-We”.

How do I create an impact right here at the festival and in my life? What is my next step? How do we connect with each other? How can we create an impact together? Which atmosphere and culture do we co-create right now? And how can a synchronization of many small projects look like to increase the impact they have in the world?

Details & Registration (in German)